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In this post I am looking at a great wee budget recipe book packed with useful and inexpensive recipes that use easy to source ingredients and which take no time at all to prepare, but are bursting with healthy goodness for the Paleo lifestyler.

The Book Detail

Title: Simply Paleo

Author: Michelle E DeBerge

Edition: Paperback

Available from:

ISBN-10: 1537067303

ISBN-13: 978-1537067308

Price: Paper Back $14.95


Amazon describes this book as being; “Quick, Easy Delicious Paleo recipes that are also gluten, sugar, dairy free. A huge variety of recipes with international flavors using familiar affordable ingredients in delicious ways. Family favorites recreated to have more flavor and be healthy”

It is, in keeping with its title, a simple, no frills paperback recipe book containing equally simple, no nonsense, recipes without illustration


The book has 131 pages of recipes which are arranged in seven sections, covering; appetisers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even as it is expressed in the recipe book, some sweet endings.

Each of the recipes is easily affordable, using familiar ingredients with none of those recipes requiring more than 15 minutes preparation time, and often less than that.

As well as being Paleo each of these recipes is Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Free.


Eggplant and Parsley Dip

A delicious smokey Greek dip Known as Melintzanosalata which originates from Kea in the Aegean Greek Islands.

Serves 10; Prep 10; Cook 30


  • 2 large eggplants
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 green bell pepper, cored seeded and chopped
  • 1 jalapeño, seeded de-veined and chopped
  • 1/2 head flat leaf parsley leaves chopped
  • 2 tbsps red wine vinegar
  • 3 cloves minced garlic
  • 1/2 to 1 tspn ground sea salt
  • fresh cracked black pepper


  1. Grill eggplants under a medium high grill for 18-20 minutes turning and cooking until charred and soft
  2. When cooled, peel, seed and chop and place in a strainer to drain for about 30mins
  3. Heat half the oil over a medium high heat in a skillet adding the bell peppers and cooking for 10mins
  4. Add the jalapeño and cook for a further 5mins
  5. Transfer to a food processor, add the parsley vinegar eggplant, the rest of the oil and garlic.
  6. Process until slightly chunky add salt and pepper and chill before serving

Professional Endorsement:

An authority in the field, Dr Joh De Witt, has said thatThe GSDF Simply Paleo Cookbook provides a plethora of scrumptious dishes that help your metabolism burn that stubborn fat. Variety is the spice of life and this book definitely doesn’t disappoint”

The Author – Michelle E DeBerge

Michelle E DeBerge is not only a best-selling author and motivational speaker, she also adds trained professional life and wellness coach along with foodie advice chef to here resume. Michelle is co-founder of Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free LifeStyle GFSD, the publishers of this book and others.

One of the challenges faced by Michelle in this book, was to recast standard familiar recipes converting them to meet a gluten, sugar, dairy and soy free lifestyle while ensuring that would still taste familiar. The aim being to inquire that even those not on a GSDF lifestyle could enjoy their old favourites along with those who are the. This was tested by doing a series of blind testings on her modified recipes alongside the traditional versions. Nine out of ten times Michelles’s versions were chosen over the traditional for taste and enjoyment.

Michelle’s own journey to GSDF and soy free came about in response to a medical condition which made her realise just how overwhelming, frustrating it is to find oneself in that position. She was inspired to create an online community supported by an educational system designed to aid others going through a similair healthy eating conversion process. Michelle is the author of five published recipe and cookbooks. She prides herself on using familiar inexpensive ingredients, using simple instructions guaranteed to deliver assured results great every time. Her philosophy is that this lifestyle should be easily available and easy to follow.

Michelle’s own experience of a serious health scare, her journey to recovery, her research and study in collaboration with some of the world’s top nutritional, dietary and general health experts has all contributed to the forming of the GSDF foundation health and wellness programmes.

What Do You Think

My Verdict is that this is a 9/10, in terms of the simplicity, that it sets out achieve and delivers, the value for money and the really reasonable price.

I really would be keen to hear from anyone who has used this recipe book or who just wishes to comment on, or discuss this post. Please leave comments below I will always provide a reply within one working day of you posting your comment.

Some Basic Tools

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You may want to note, that should you click through any of my post links and make purchases via those links, your purchase, will of course cost you no more than if you had gone to Amazon direct. I can highly recommend both books to you. My own copies have become much loved and well thumbed through!


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  1. You sold me on the quick and easy part with 15 minutes of preparation for a meal. I find cooking a necessary but evil chore that I try to simplify as much as possible so that I don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen.

    Even better is that the book contains healthy recipes with easily accessible ingredients. The other part I hate about following recipes is that often you cannot find or don’t have an ingredient on the list.

    • Well so glad that there is a ready market for what the book offers.  I hope that you manage to get hold of a copy.



  2. Are most of the recipes vegetable-based or does she have a good number of meat-based dishes? I tend to think of paleo as a meat-based type of diet. I do like that her book is gluten, sugar, and dairy-free. I am almost gluten, sugar, and dairy-free. I make an exception for butter. It is my weakness! 

    • Great question.

      actually Paleo is not what I would call a meat diet per se, but neither is it vegetarian.  You can adapt most Paleo recipes by substituting other proteins to replace meat. Paleo followers would also say if you are going to eat butter  then do that but make sure it is good quality, check the additives and steer well clear of margarines and Vegetable oil based butters. Hope that helps.


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