Paleo V Keto -Unbiased Report

I just want to say at the outset of this post that I am in no way biased about anyone’s choice of dietary lifestyle, each to their own says I.

The reason that I am posting this article is that Paleo V Keto is an oft asked question.

All I intend to here by way of informing my readers is answer the question by reporting the facts as I see them, borrowing from the research and writings of others.

I will not be recommending a winner out of a Paleo V Keto standoff, which I consider to be a personal choice influenced by a number of different factors.

There Are No Winners

While I write about, and I am a supporter of, the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle I am in no way a zealot. My philosophy on dieting is DON’T. Yes I actually mean that. Diets for me immediately conjure up a sense of denial and that makes them psychologically difficult to cope with. In your subconscious mind, because you have set out to deny yourself whatever items from the food chain which your particular diet happens to frown upon, you will harbour unconscious dissatisfaction, it will feel hard and you will often fail.

A diet is actually just a meal plan or a way of eating. So I see my dietary habits as being part of a lifestyle that is balanced with exercise and social activity that nurture, protect and maintain my well-being and holistic healthiness.

I happen to like Paleo because it makes me feel good, I never feel hungry, I seem to get enough nutrition and it helps me, along with regular exercise, to control my weight, which in the last 15 years has tended to yo-yo somewhat!

When I stick to Paleo guidelines my clothes fit, I sleep better, I have more energy and my thinking is clearer.

Paleo Main Characteristics

Paleo is based on the premise that the diet of Homosapiens (modern man) remained almost unchanged between their estimated first appearance in Africa around 300,000 years ago until the beginning of primitive farming only about 10,000 years ago.

Homosapiens until 10,000 years ago were characterised as ‘hunter-gatherers’ and their diets probably would not have included dairy, legumes grains or tuba based carbohydrates.

The hypotheses is that this moment, 10,000 years ago, was the advent of primitive processing and mass production of food, which of course has become ever more sophisticated and intrusive, involving additives, preservatives and horticultural cross-breeding and even genetic alteration.

The hypothesis goes on to suggest that the rapid change in the food chain, predominantly in those items mentioned above, has outpaced the Darwinian assumption of natural evolution. In simple terms the human body is neither genetically nor physiologically developed to cope with these foods, which can cause digestion disruption and associated illnesses

Keto Main Characteristics

The Ketogenic Diet (Keto) was discovered as a way of controlling epilepsy but it also has provided evidence of lowering body mass as well as glucose and blood LDL levels (bad cholesterol) while also raising HDL levels (good cholesterol).

Keto is followed by manipulation of the 3 macro nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates rather than removing any particular foods other than refined sugars and salt.

The theory is that by going into ketosis ( a metabolic condition of the body) the body is deprived of glucose and must burn stored body fat leading to weight loss.

Key Differences

Before looking at the key differences it is worth noting that both diets find their DNA in the restriction of carbohydrates as a principal.

Both diets have produced some evidence to suggest that they can work for weight control and that they can improve general blood health and therefore overall health. The clinical tests I have read would put Paleo just s short step ahead in regard to both, though I must admit there are numerous conflicting reports on this and so there will be no ‘nailing of my colours to the mast on this one!

The Paleo diet is protein heavy while the Keto diet is Fat heavy.

Both of these diets have their critics who come equally from clinical and non-clinical fraternities though they equally have champions from those same clinical and non-clinical populations.

Paleo restricts particular food groups as listed above while Keto is about controlling and balancing the macro nutrients to force a physiological effect.

It Is A Personal Choice

So how does one decide what will work, or what is better?

As I stated at the top of this article it is ultimately about personal health and well-being and also about what makes you feel good.

I choose to follow a Paleo lifestyle ( I never refer to it as a diet other than when I am referring to it in these pages in the context of wider understanding) because I get the results I want and I feel good about myself when I am following it.

I actually seem to enjoy my food better as well as enjoying some other effects mentioned above like weight control and better holistic health. I have never experienced hunger while following Paleo guidelines.

I would advise, as I have elsewhere In my other articles on these pages, that whatever way you to choose to eat, it is essentially about balance. Find out by experimentation, maybe some trial and error about what works for you. If it doesn’t move on to something else.

If a diet makes you miserable it is not working, usually because it has not been figured into a wider balanced plan that addresses all other health vectors along with exercise and social activity.

More Information

If you want to learn more about Keto how it works and what the diet looks like, including meal plans and how to get started you can find The Keto Diet – A Complete Beginners Guide at (click here)

Should you be interested in more information on Paleo read some of my other posts on this Blog and or look at Paleo For Beginners – Essentials to Getting Started also available from (click here).


If you need access to the Paleo Food List for Beginners you will find it here.

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I will get back to everyone who makes a comment.




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  1. Wow, this is very comprehensive article.
    How about fibre? It should be necessary for healthy gut and proper bowel movements, does Paleo diet emphasise fibre intake? I know personally, people on Keto diet forget about fibre and struggle with Bowen movement.

  2. Thanks Dina great to hear from you, a fibre supplement such as fibrogel is recommended. I have used it for years and have no problems.

    Hope that is helpful?


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