Paleo Slow Cooking – Book Review

Paleo Pals A Book Review
Paleo Pals A Book Review

In a previous post I introduced some slow cooker recipes were my versions recipes I learned from Karen Frazier’s book, titled below. I thought it was time to share a review of that book with you as those recipes proves so popular

The Book

Title: The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker

Author Karen Frazier

Edition: Paper Back and Kindle

Available from:

Price: Paperback $10.94 Kindle $8.13


I posted about slow cooking and provided some recipes earlier in this Blog. The thing that I like about slow cooking particularly with Paleo is that the preparation is usually real quick and the actual cooking is hands off and more or less ready after a day away from home, if you are doing dinner recipes, or overnight, if you are doing some of the really cool breakfast recipes. Added to this you can of course take the cooking dish straight to the table and serve directly from it. Many slow cooked meals are great for freezing and are even enhanced, in terms of their flavour, by spending 24 hours or more in the freezer.

This is a very useful and very usable book of over 230 pages of really great recipes. None of them taking any more than 20 minutes to prepare. It is interspersed with some beautiful full colour pictures of the best of the recipes available from this selection. Each of the recipe pages is laid out very logically with information on the serving portions usually 4-6, a short paragraph on the idea behind the recipes, a clear and easy to understand contents list and easy to follow cooking instructions. On each page there is additional information either to adapt the recipe or on a particular nutritional value that the recipe or a signature ingredient brings to the pot. Every recipe has a footnote style calorie count and nutritional information


After a brief introduction extolling the virtues of cooking Paleo with the slow cooker the book is broken into 10 chapters. Chapter 1 of these deals with the health benefits associated with Paleo slow cooked meals as well as the general benefits of following a Paleo diet and lifestyle. There is a section on knowing the characteristics of your particular cooking machine and some tops tips and tricks to make the best of your cooker and the cooking.


There then follows a chapter on Stocks, Broths and Sauces, followed by a chapter dedicated to Breakfast and Brunch perhaps unexpectedly in a slow cooker recipe book (these are great recipes!)

The remaining chapters deal in turn with appetisers and sides, soups and stews, vegetables, seafood and poultry, pork, beef and lamb, and finally the tantalisingly titled sweets and treats.

The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

there are two Appendices to the book. Chapter 1 one deals with the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen which may be familiar to those who live in the US. This is a list of foods that the Federal Food and Drugs administration publish each year providing information on which fruit and vegetables are likely to have high residues of pesticides. For instance cherry tomatoes and bell peppers figure in the Dirty while Grapefruits and Kiwis (this pleased me as a New Zealander) are in the Clean. Apparently this list is updated annually in the US and provided guidance for the paleo lifestyler and any other health conscious shopper about which products to target for shopping from organic outlets. The other Appendix is a really useful set imperial to metric conversion tables and the book has an excellent index at the rear for navigating to a particular subject word or ingredient in the book.

The Author – Karen Frazier

Karen Frazier is an author on nutrition, cooking, and holistic healing. She has been a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition adviser. Karen helped clients select diet and exercise plans based on their unique health needs.

She worked for nearly 10 years as a patient education coordinator in a natural health clinic. Karen is currently the health, diet, and fitness editor for the website

A celiac disease sufferer with, a dairy allergy, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Karen applied her knowledge and skills in relation to nutrition, flavor, and fitness to arrive at the most appropriate diet and exercise programme to suit her body type and clinical condition. She eventually overcame autoimmune disease and other conditions by eating as much as possible a non processed, highly customized, anti-inflammatory diet.

Karen holds with the philosophy that no single diet works for everyone. She believes that by gaining an understanding of how food affects the body of an individual, a customised diet can be designed to meet the needs of the individual. Karen also believes that no matter how restrictive a diet may be, delicious foods are still real available options.

It is this information that she chooses to share In her cookbooks alongside a lifelong passion for cooking. Karen’s recipes may also be found in her blog, The Modern Ancestor and of course she has, along with a number of other diet and nutrition books mad e a great job of The Complete Slow Cooker.

What Do You Think – Share Your Opinions

I really do hope that you have enjoyed this review, just as much as have I enjoyed getting to know Karen’s book in detail and reviewing it for you. It really is packed with delicious, healthy, easy and convenient Paleo slow cooker recipes, that take no time at all to prepare and then are left to cook quite happily on their own, overnight while you sleep, or during the day while you are at work, or otherwise occupied.

I would be delighted to hear from you in the comments area below this post. Let me know either what you think about the ` the review or about absolutely anything to do with Paleo or Paleo slow cooking.

All comments made on the site will receive a reply as soon as I am alerted to them.


In the meantime if you would like to have a Paleo Food List For Beginners you will find it here.


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  1. While reading I know that Karen helped clients select diet and exercise plans based on their unique health needs.Karen also believes that no matter how restrictive a diet may be, delicious foods are still real available options.  It is interspersed with some beautiful full colour pictures of the best of the recipes available from this selection. Every recipe has a footnote style calorie count and nutritional information. Thanks for sharing such useful information. 

  2. I have such a lack of imagination when it comes to cooking, but I’ve always wanted to eat less meat, and go green. The important point being, as you say, these recipes that Fraizer provides are not time-consuming at all. I’ve also wondered why meals can taste better the next day! That’s not just by freezing, but by putting them in the fridge too,  overnight, it really does bring out the flavour as you say. 

  3. Is there anything you would reccoment an individual with impaired vision? For instance, would this diet help the vision or nervous system? Could you please find out? I would oh so very much appreciate it. I know they say the CBD oil helps in ways that this Paleo diet does. I’m wondering…..

    • Really sorry but this no clinical evidence that I have found that specifies any vision or nervous system benefits of this dietary regime. I strongly advise talking to a physician or professional nutritionist.

      Hamish 🧐

  4. Great review; I am the cook in my family and I love to be able to cook in advance and freeze the dishes. This way you can make dinners for the whole week, while only spending time in the kitchen, say on weekends. I also am a fan of the Paleo diet, so I think I may look into purchasing this book, Thanks for this great review.

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