Paleo Pals – A Review

Paleo Pals A Book Review
Paleo Pals A Book Review

One of the questions that comes upon constantly around the subject of the Paleo Lifestyle is, but what about kids?

The good news is that Paleo is not incompatible with a young family; we might just not be as a full on with all elements of Paleo as we would be with our own adherence to the Paleo principles.

Luckily a writer to whom I have made previous reference on this Blog, Sara Fragoso, has written 2 great books that are really helpful when it comes to incorporating the needs of your children into you Paleo Lifestyle.

One of these book is very family oriented and has an extremely useful section titled ‘Understanding Kids’. This book is the Everyday Paleo Family Cook Book for which I intend to provide a full review in another Blog post to follow later. The other book, Paleo Pals, is something quite different. Sara has written this specifically for children, to read with their parents, in order to help them understand and find fun in being a Paleo kid.

Here is my review of that book……..

The Book

Title: Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship

Paleo Pals
Paleo Pals

Author: Sara Fragoso

Edition: Paperback, and Kindle Editions Available

Available from:

ISBN-10: 193660888X

ISBN-13: 978-1936608881

Price: Paper Back $19.85 – Kindle $10.85



The Plot

The Paleo Pals, Piper, Phoenix and Parker are not ordinary children. They are in fact super heroes who travel around helping children to learn about how they can live the healthiest, most exciting, most super lives possible. This, (their first story in what is I believe intended to be a series of children’s books based on the Paleo Pals) is about how they go about helping Jimmy, a wee boy who is less than convinced that eating paleo food is anywhere near being exciting or super. Join the Paleo Pals, Piper, Phoenix and Parker, as they climb aboard the carrot rocket ship and travel to amazing healthy green farms, Taking Jimmy on an exciting Paleo adventure that will change Jimmy’s mind and show him just how exciting Paleo can be and why it makes you super!

Target Audience

Amazon recommend 4 years of age and up. The parents’ reviews on the Amazon website indicate it is being read by children in the 3 -10 range. Though there were several suggestions that the full story is a bit long-winded for 3 year olds, while older children really got into it.

I think that the illustrations are so cool, vibrant and fun that you could easily use it as a picture book with younger children and just talk about what’s happening to suit their attention span.

There is enough here to satisfy that whole age range and I could see kids coming back to this time and time again.

Content Comments from Readers


As indicated above this is a picture story book with beautiful, vibrant fun illustrations of the Paleo Pals in their superhero costumes. The dialogue is easy to follow and there is a lot happening in this story to keep, certainly slightly older, children occupied and hold their attention. It subtly introduces, in a fun way, the concepts of fresh and healthy foods.


This book is extremely popular with parents with over 40 positive comments on Amazon’s review section with more than 98% of those reviews being 5 star rated.

I have picked just one of these reviews to show the kind of glowing reports that Sara is receiving for this first Paleo Pals story; this is from Melissa who rather amusingly titles herself Melicious!:

“With her first book Everyday Paleo, Sarah Fragoso showed how beneficial it can be to transition your family from the standard American diet to the paleo way of life. With Paleo Pals, she’s created a fun set of characters to help your kids really get on board with this new way of eating (and life). The story is fun enough to keep wee ones engaged and the bright illustrations make it accessible to little ones who aren’t ready to read words for themselves yet. It’s got a beautiful family vibe and excitement — kids won’t even realize they’re learning. The story is bolstered by a few easy- and fun-to-make recipes to encourage kids to join you in the kitchen. Plus, who doesn’t love a new set of superheroes?!

The Author – Sara Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is a dedicated mother of three who has succeeded in helping her own family find true health and wellness through living a paleo lifestyle. She also has a strong passion for helping other families adopt a Paleo lifestyle and has done so globally with her extremely successful recipe and advice blog, is the author of the national best-selling book, Everyday Paleo, as well as a strength and conditioning coach at Norcal Strength and Conditioning, one of Americans top 30 gyms, where she mentors under the leading expert in the field, Robb Wolf, New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Solution. This combination of expertise puts Sarah at the forefront of the Paleo movement and the leader in successfully helping families live paleo. Sarah also runs the extremely successful podcast, “Paleo Talk,” conducts nationwide seminars, and contributes to several publications and blogs regarding how to successfully introduce and maintain the Paleo lifestyle for families.

What Do You Think

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has read the book or who wishes to comment on this post. Please leave comments below I will always guarantee to reply within one working day.

I hope that this has been useful particularly in helping those with young families to identify ways to introduce children to the Paleo Lifestyle.

Hamish ????

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us an informative and interesting article. The main content of this article is a review of the book, Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship. This book is great for helping kids to see the benefits of eating a healthy paleo diet. They’ll love the characters, pictures, and storyline. The kid-friendly recipes at the end are a plus, too! I ordered this book for my 6-year-old son. He already knows more about nutrition than most adults do. I read part of the book to him at night before bed and he really enjoys it. I can tell it gets him thinking about food because he always asks me a lot of good questions. Great book for kids.

  2. Personally I wonder, is talking about diets really suited for young children? With a book like this, where do we draw the line between education and indoctrination?

    I don’t know, but is there really a need to even convince kids? Won’t they just eat what’s available at home? Maybe once they get a bit older you can give them the facts and scientific benefits of this diet, but fantasy stories and the like… Don’t 2020 kids consider that lame?

    • Interesting viewpoint Faheem, the research and evidence seems to fly in the face of your opinion.  You just have to look at the many positive feedback comments on Amazon itself related to this book.

      Actually as a trained creative writer I think you are way off the mark in regard to what children to continue to be interested in and how that can develop.  JK Rowling is a millionaire many times over on the back of a fantasy story written originally for 10 year olds that developed with those children as they gre up to adulthood and captured the imagination of the world.


  3. Great review and an overall great idea. It is essentially vital to get young kids interested in activities that can promote a healthful diet. 

    All my young children are grown up but they have young children that spend far too much time engaging in video games and eating junk food, who better than grandpa to encourage them in reading healthful information that can promote a healthy diet at a young age as well as engagement with others.

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