Paleo On A Budget – Book Review

Paleo on A Budget

Not only is this book about Paleo on a budget but it is also available at a budget price!

I hope that you find the review useful and consider buying the book it is a great addition to the Paleo library and particularly if you are looking to make the household budget stretch that wee bit further but still eat healthily.

Please enjoy……

The Book

Title: Paleo on A Budget

Author: Elizabeth McGaw

Edition: Paperback and Kindle Editions Available

Available from:

ISBN-10: 9781462113279

ISBN-13: 978-1462113279

Price: Paper Back $12:00 – Kindle $3.02


Who is it written for?

This book will be useful for anyone interested in Paleo but, as the title would suggest, it will be of particular value to those who wish to eating healthier but cannot afford the traditionally higher costs attracted by healthy food items. The formula works for single flatting students as well as it does for large busy families who have to watch the pennies but want to make sure that they are getting good nutrition and staying healthy.

What to Expect

Quite simply, what you see is what you get with this book. That is guidance on Paleo eating, tailored for those who have to pay close attention to their household food budget. Like most books of this kind It contains the obligatory essentials lists for the larder, along with guidance on forward preparation of those time-consuming ingredients, which is designed to save time for the busy family. It has ample, absolutely excellent, simple to follow, illustrated recipes, for easy-to-make meals, that complement the Paleo lifestyle. Most of these recipes also include valuable money, and time saving, tips that give truth to the book’s budget conscious title.


Clever Budget Savvy Techniques

There is a chapter entitled Prep Work and Its Loveliness. This is going to help those busy families referred to in the previous paragraph along with those who ‘hate cooking’. The advice and guidance here may just bring you to love cooking LoL! One of the interesting things offered is the idea of preparing two meals in one. Re-use of leftovers, an important consideration for budget minded families, is exploited with the advice on preparing a base recipe that is adaptable to more than one meal; brilliant!

A Taster (pun absolutely intended!)

By way of a sample here is an exploration of three of the recipes contained in the book:

  • Summer Shrimp Salad On A Budget.

This recipe has a lot going for it, being really simple to make, absolutely delicious and grand enough to serve at your next barbecue with friends and family. It is versatile enough though, to be considered as lunch snack, or as an accompaniment to a grander buffet or smorgasbord. You can adapt it to any kind of seafood such as tuna or crab stick, making it a versatile base for a number of different ways to serve up a healthy nutritious snack size recipe.

  • Sweet Potato Salad Skins On

A new take on an old favourite, the thing I like most about this recipe is the potatoes are roasted and the dish is then prepared leaving the skins on providing a really great texture to the taste experience. Potatoes are actually quite low in calories — a medium-sized baked potato has approximately 110 calories. But their real value is in vitamins; C and B6, manganese, phosphorus, niacin and pantothenic acid. Most of this is found in the skins. Using a variety of different potatoes gives colour to your table spread. This recipe can also be jazzed up with chopped boiled eggs or your favourite pickles.

  • Stuffed Chicken

Chicken fits the budget but who gets tired of it, meal after meal,l right? This recipe shows us how to make great stuffing with a mouthwatering mix of flavors. The recipe is easily adaptable, is an easy selection for everyday preparation but with a wee bit imagination and adaptation can easily be turned into a banquet worthy centre piece for the family table.

The Author – Elizabeth McGaw

Elizabeth McGaw is a popular blogger, who is absolutely convinced that she was born with a camera in one hand and a chef’s knife in the other. Elizabeth attributes her love of cooking to her father, who, she says “taught her every- thing she knows about preparing a meal”

Elizabeth’s love of photography, she tells us comes from owning an old Polaroid camera she was gifted as a child. Taking advantage of her double passions, she established her blog, ‘Paleo on a Budget’ dedicating it to a money-saving philosophy, linked to what she describes as the “oh-so-amazing paleo lifestyle!”

Elizabeth Has also written a companion to this recipe book, also available, called Paleo On a Budget Meal Planning

If as a result of reading this you should wish to check out Elizabeth’s Blog you will find it here Paleo On Budget

What Do You Think

Another Good Staring Guide to Have to Hand?

I have also posted a review on the Paleo Beginners Guide another really useful book which, available through It is a really useful general reference to have to hand when embarking on the paleo journey. Please be assured that if you do click through the link above and go on to purchase it, via my review, I can guarantee that it will of cost no more than if you had gone to Amazon direct. I highly recommend it to you. My own copy is extremely well thumbed through!

Feedback and Comments

I really do enjoy receive feedback and comments on my posts. I will always reply to any that are left within one working day.

I hope, this post was of some use to you and that I have Provided the information being sought by my reader community, you are easily the best judges of that!

Be healthy and have fun.


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  1. With everything that is going on at the moment I think your article is really helpful and interesting. We are on tight budget nowadays and I am always thinking what I will cook for dinner that doesn’t brake the bank, is tasty and healthy. I will definitely send your website to my mum as she will love it! 

  2. Hi! This is nice, you’ve made paleo affordable to everybody including me. I fell related to the author, Elizabeth McGaw. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen too learning from my dad’s recipes. And I received a camera from my parents when I was a child. The only difference I’m now a photographer and didn’t go into the cooking arena.

    I’m concern about my eating habits and would like to start paleo. Thank you very much!

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