Paleo For Beginners – Book Review

Paleo Pals A Book Review
Paleo Pals A Book Review

I Hope that you will find this review helpful in assisting on your Paleo Journey. Please add some comment on your reactions or on your own view of the book should you decide to purchase it at any time, or if indeed you already have it in your collection.

The Book

Title: Paleo For Beginners – Essentials To Get Started

Author: John Chatham
Edition: Paperback, Audio and Kindle Editions Available
ISBN 10: 1623150310
ISBN 13: 978-1623150310

Price: Paper Back $9.59 – Audio $5.99 – Kindle $5.90


I suspect that many people coming to this site are reading about Paleo for the first time and many of the things You will see and read here, in my posts and pages as well as in the comments which people are kind enough to leave, may have them feeling a bit bemused. I wonder maybe if some of my readers will feel as if they might be joining the story somewhere in the middle rather than at the beginning.

If the latter is a description of you then this book is going to help by taking you on a useful walk through the basics from what Paleo is, to where it came from and on to some fundamental things you will want to think about when considering whether Paleo is for you. I really think that it is the beginners Bible for Paleo; it is a New York Times best-seller, having sold more than 150,000 copies to date, which is apparently more than any other Paleo cookbook. It also boasts a 4 star readers’ approval rate on Amazon. So it is well-read and well respected by those who have an interest in this subject.

Content and Comments from Readers

The Book has some excellent tools such as a 7-day step by step guide on how to get started. A comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts, a starters shopping guide and the really big bonus, which will really kick start your Paleo campaign, over 100 Paleo recipes for you to get started. These will provide the reader with good variety and balance, especially for the newbie Paleo follower embarking on the transition to a Paleo Lifestyle.
The comments I have picked up from other readers’ really do support my own view of the book, in that they first and foremost applaud the simple plan that John provides for transitioning to the Paleo lifestyle. Another comment accurately notes that there is nothing at all complicated about the approach that he takes to introducing his audience to the subject. The book is written in such a way that the author is taking his readers on a journey, acting as a friendly guide along the way, providing advice, tips and tricks to ensure you are making a success of the transition, while being alert to the pitfalls and challenges that new Paleo followers may come across.

The Author – John Chatham

As is my custom I always do a wee bit of research on the Author of a book to see what their credentials are for writing on the subject. You need have no worries at all in regard to this Author.

John has a reputation as a highly trusted name in health and diet writing. He holds a ranking in the top 20 most popular writers in Health, Fitness & Dieting With Amazon. His background is in physiology and nutrition, and he holds comprehensive expertise on both gluten-free and Paleo eating, John Is the author of a number of best-selling books which are about helping readers to make positive changes to their fitness and health lifestyles.

John lives and writes by the philosophy that every individual should be empowered to make the diet decisions that work for their body and their lifestyle. Besides his reader-favorite Paleo series, John’s catalogue also includes popular introductions to the top heart-healthy diets, including The Mediterranean Diet, and The DASH Diet for Beginners.

What Do You Think

Well clearly I like the book and it is an important one in my large and growing Paleo library. I really encourage You to have a look for your self and I promise You will not be felling lefty disappointed. If You will do decide to buy it, borrow it or get it from You will local library then please come back here and share your thoughts with all of my readers on the site. Good Reading!



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  1. Thank you for your user experience based article about Paleo For Beginners. I wonder maybe if some readers will feel as if they might be joining the story somewhere in the middle rather than at the beginning. It also boasts a 4 star readers’ approval rate on Amazon. So it is well-read and well respected by those who have an interest in this subject.

  2. This seems like a thorough look into the Paleo for Beginners book. I often prefer digital / kindle books (and sometimes the audio books are great too), but do you think that this book is better to order a hard copy / paperback so that it’s easier to keep around and reference? 

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

  3. Paleo diet plan is one of the most effective ways of eating and maintaining to a higher degree, a certain respect for our immune system. But most people do not know how to go about it. I can actually resonate because it is the diet plan that I follow. This is really great here and this book will surely be of effectiveness to any user or reader. Thanks so much for sharing

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