Paleo Beginners Guide – Book Review

Paleo Pals A Book Review
Paleo Pals A Book Review

I have referred to the New York Times Best Selling Paleo Beginners Guide in some of my posts previously on this site I thought that I would provide some insight as to the book itself by way of review. I hope that you find it useful and I would welcome any comments you have either on the review or on the book should you choose to purchase it, enjoy….

The Book

Title: Paleo Beginners Guide
Author: Dr Ryan Lazarus
Edition: Paperback
Available from:

Price: $27.99


Strangely I could find no publication date though I am aware from the information I traced on Amazon that it was written in 2016. The copy that I reviewed was a Special Edition, presented for the 21 Day Reboot Club, which in the absence of better information I must assume is a private group of Paleo enthusiasts keen to convert their fellow human beings into disciples of a proven healthy lifestyle.

After a brief introduction by Dr Lazarus the book is arranged in 3 main sections:

  • Getting Started,
  • Putting The Paleo Diet Meal Plan Into Action,
  • Paleo Diet Recipes

it also boasts an Appendix on Paleo snacks and a handy resource section right at the back of the book which has references to a number of good Paleo resources upon which the author has drawn for knowledge and inspiration.

I have reviewed John Chatham’s potentially confusing title “Paleo for Beginners – How to get Started’ in these pages previously (also noted as a New York Time best-seller) You need have no worries that you were covering the same ground were you to consider buying Lazarus’s book. It has a slightly different approach which I will come to shortly and the recipes offered are quite different from the Chatham offering though there is some inevitable cross over.


Getting Started – This covers the basics of the characteristics of the Paleo Diet with advice on why the Paleo diet is a good thing to contemplate it details what is not on the shopping list and why and it gives a description of some maladies associated with diets that do include grains, bread, bad starches, refined sugars and legumes.

It covers potential weight loss and describes the evils of salt. Some Paleo FAQ are addressed before the author move, in Chapter 2, to a description of How to Use the Paleo Diet Meal Plan, which includes a short piece on Eating Out.

Putting the PaleoDiet Meal Plan Into Action – The next 3 chapters deal with the 3 weeks of the 21 day reboot with a chapter devoted to each week, or 7 days. This a detailed blueprint, with menus designed to help non Paleo lifestylers transition to adopting a more full Paleo following in their diet and health considerations. Each day covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and, much to the relief of many I suspect, Dessert!. There appears to be very little if any duplication over the 3 weeks and the daily menus look more than edible in their composition. A typical breakfast on the 21 day reboot could range from Maple-Fennel Breakfast Sausage with scrambled eggs to a Strawberry shortcake Smoothie made with almond milk and grass fed whey protein powder. No shortage of variety here.

Paleo Diet Recipes – The last section of the book is a list of recipes which are dedicated by chapter again to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and an extra pantry recipes (read baked goods and the like). I have already de3scibed the potential breakfast fare. Some delights waiting in the lunch menus are, Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes, Fried Cauliflowe Rice and Shrimp and Beef Tacos with Salsa and Guacamole, the tacos being served in lettuce boats rather than the traditional flour and water based taco shells. Dinner could be Lamb Kebabs with Parsley Mint Sauce, Cuban Pulled Pork or any other of a dozen choices, The desserts include such things as Chocolate Coconut Truffles, Quick and Easy Microwave Brownie and Chocolate Cherry Bark, all going to prove that there is plenty of variety and taste in the Paleo diet if you know where to draw inspiration from.

Pantry Recipes – These provide the ingredients to combine to make other great Paleo dishes and these include things like tomato sauce, chicken broth or stock, pesto and nut butter to name a small selection.

The Author

As an 18 years old, Ryan Lazarus suffered a life threatening sports injury which eventuated in emergency surgery and the removal of his spleen and a large part of his pancreas. This traumatic life-changing episode left Lazarus an insulin dependent diabetic with a seriously damaged digestive system.

Although emergency medicine saved his life, he blames conventional medicine for the compromise of his subsequent health and actually creating problems he had to then deal with. Left to cope with insulin controlled diabetes he set out to understand everything about diabetes and the potential treatments.

Lazarus trained and Certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner with a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (Functional medicine promotes wellness by addressing the fundamental underlying factors that shape a patient’s experience of health and disease).

He has established, and both owns and operates Lazarus Wellness, located in California, which specialises in the reversal of Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes.

He sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and is a consultant advising nutraceutical companies on specific diabetes nutritional products.

A writer on diabetes and diabetes related dietary and nutritional matters he first published Paleo Beginners Guide in 2016.


This is another great book rather like a Paleo tool kit with advice, information and meal guides with some really mouth watering recipes. I enjoyed just going through the latter and looking at the art of the possible in terms of the taste and variety afforded by the suggestions captured here

it is really well laid out easy to read and super easy to navigate with a really good contents page that amps it all out for you if you just want to go straight to a particular section.

All in all as a beginners reference and reboot guide from which you can plan a good menu cycle I would be hard pushed not to give in 10 out of 10!

What do You Think

I am really interested to know what you think of the review. Would it persuade you to buy the book, did you find it useful as a description and have you had personal experience of it, or own it already.

Please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to respond to them.

In the meantime if you need access to the Paleo Food List for Beginners, you will; find it here.

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  1. Hello, It covers the basics of the characteristics of the Paleo Diet with advice on why the Paleo diet is a good thing to contemplate it details what is not on the shopping list and why and it gives a description of some maladies associated with diets that do include grains, bread, bad starches, refined sugars and legumes. It is the best book for everyone.

  2. Thanks for recommending this book! Actually, I just recently heard about Paleo Diet from my cousin and become quite interested to try it. It’s nice that this book contain diet meal planning and some recipes. Does it also provide some daily tracker format for meal consumption plan? I love tracking my plan, so it will be handy if they have one. Thanks

  3. I hadn’t heard of this “Paleo Diet” before. I would only hear about the “Keto Diet” over and over again. I kind of even got annoyed about it. Anyhow, this is really interesting. Thank you for the recomendation. I am oh so very grateful. I believe I might know a few people who would squire this source. 

  4. I really like the idea of a beginners book for Paleo. Some of us that need to start from the beginning and this is a great way to learn. The Paleo Beginners Guide seems like a book I may need to add to my arsenal of books. I do like to cook so I think this may be a good addition.

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