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Weight Loss paleo

There is a huge industry, around the world, which is built on what I tend to call the misery and suffering of weight loss or weight control.

I am very often asked questions about Paleo and weight loss and so I thought that it might be useful to provide just a short article on the subject.

At outset, I would say that we should be concerned more with weight control than weight loss and that actually I am not a huge fan of the Body Mass Index (BMI), the jury is out on whether it is the most effective way of assessing obesity.

I prefer to follow the philosophy that concentrated on waist measurement as an indicator, particularly as working out will cause erstwhile fat to be transformed into muscle, which has a mass often equal to fat.

Body Shape

Paleo is quite different from other superficially comparable dietary regimes. I say Body Shapedietary regimes because, if you have read my other posts on this Blog you will know that I do not subscribe to the contemporary hijacking of the term diet to mean a control plan for weight loss or weight control. In fact, I very much subscribe to the view that dietary control alone will not meet that requirement. We need to balance diet, with regular, appropriate exercise, good sleep hygiene and good mental health or well-being.

Weightloss can happen, when eating Paleo recommended meal plans, but followers of the Paleo lifestyle may also find themselves losing body fat, in a very noticeable way.

There is ample evidence to show that eating to a Paleo plan when combined with regular cardio and weight training exercise routines has the power to actually change our body shapes. This in turn will lead to us feeling fitter, looking leaner and actually being stronger and having better muscle tone. It is very common for Paleo lifestylers to shed belly fat.

What Makes us Fat?

Well we now know, after years of being told quite the opposite, that eating fat doesSkinny Fat not make us fat. Science shows us that both protein and fat are known to burn two to three times faster than carbohydrates.

The truth is that the starchy carbohydrates and refined sugars, that are abundant in modern diets, are unable to burn as effectively. They convert to fat faster which often leads to the development of poor metabolism and in turn to long term weight gain.

The Food Elements That Satisfy

Healthy FoodScientists are now able to tell us that eating greater amounts of lean grass fed protein sources and healthy fats along with the ‘good’ carbs in preference to starchy carbs and sugars actually keeps the digestive system satiated or satisfied for much longer. In effect this reduces the need and the craving to eat more because of the better stabilising effect that these food elements have on our blood sugar.

The Insulin Trap

Insulin is a key hormone in the stabilising of the body’s blood sugar levels. When blood sugars are knocked out of whack by starchy carbs, and sugars and insulin Insulin Cycle
goes into over production, which in turn triggers metabolic syndrome which often leads to obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and cholesterol issues. Cutting back on junk foods, over processed foods and those heavy in additives, salts and sugars, while also introducing fresh fruit and vegetable (more veges than fruit) along with pasture fed protein sources is known to stable hormones, which has the beneficial effect of promoting healthy weight loss leading to good weight control.

Regular Exercise Is Key

Diet is Not Enough
No dietary regime on its own will bring sustained weight loss or weight control, HIITcertainly in a healthy sense. By the way, I don’t subscribe to fasting or starvation, these are dangerous methods that only confuse the insulin cycle and cause more harm than good in my opinion. I am neither doctor nor nutritionist but I have come to this conclusion through reading and research and personal experience. You will of course make up your own mind. If you are ever in any doubt about your diet or exercise regime, then please consult a doctor and or a professional nutritionist.


Introducing regular exercise, will increase our body’s natural metabolic rate. But it Strengthalso reduces stress and improves our mental health. As mentioned above having a good routine of both cardio and strength training will aid us in burning calories but it will also build muscle to burn more fat throughout the day. Most good fitness trainers recommend that these exercise programmes be changed regularly and that short but regular busts of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is incorporated because this accelerates our metabolism and fat burning even more. There is also evidence that this has the benefit of strengthening muscles and preventing injuries that can be caused by more respective exercise regimes.

The Palaeolithic Link

This changing out and varied exercise requirement has a direct linkage to the way those from whom we have descended lived their lives Our caveman ancestors had to react quickly while foraging and hunting when situation of sudden danger confronted them causing them to respond quickly. No one day would have been like another in physical terms for our Palaeolithic forebears.

Some Basic Tools

Having taken you through the key issues in regard to Paleo and the ever present desire to stay at fighting weight, I just want to point you towards some basic information that I think you will find useful if you are new to or coming back to the Paleo lifestyle after an absence.

Reading This Blog For The First Time?

If you are on this website for the first time you might just find it helpful to know what food items are included as part of the Paleo Lifestyle. My post on Paleo Food List for Beginners provides great ideas about the healthier options, that make moving away from the heavily processed, salt loaded diets, that many suffer today, easy to contemplate.

A Good Staring Guide to Have to Hand?

I have posted a review on the Paleo Beginners Guide a book which is available through this is a great reference to have handy when starting your paleo journey. As a matter of note, should you click through the link and punches it via my review it will of course cost you no more than if you had gone to Amazon direct. I can highly recommend it to you. My own copy is well thumbed through

Feedback and Comments

Am always happy to receive any and all feedback or commentary on my posts. I guarantee to reply to comments within one working day. I hope, that you have found this post of some use and that I have hit the mark that I was aiming for when I set out to write it; you my readers, I think, are easily the best judges of that! Be healthy and have fun.Hamish P.S.

If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, you can find out, how to do just that, by taking a look at my other Blog which I encourage you to visit.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful article, I do believe that diet is not enough. We have to exercise as well. 
    We all have to be aware of what type of food we should eat and schedule times for our meals as well.
    It is indeed a helpful way, seeing this article in the morning I guess I will start my day with motivation.

    • Thanks for coming by Jeedajoy and for your comments, as I say in most if not all of my Paleo articles it iOS always ultimately about balance 


  2. I had looked into the Paleo concept many years ago. The sources I read made it sound very complicated. I like how you clearly explained what Paleo is, not a diet, but a lifestyle. And the fact that it need not be complicated. 

    Loosing weight should not be considered misery and suffering as so many people think. Whenever there is the sense of loss, our minds make us feel that we are being punished or deprived. Diets imply we have to give stuff up to loose weight.

    The idea that the Paleo lifestyle does not deprive us of good, delicious food, but is simply a method to avoid foods that are either unhealthy or contributes to weight gain and replace them with foods that do the opposite. I had to go to your checklist of Paleo recommended foods and liked what I saw. Do you come from the UK? Because you used Larder rather than Pantry which is the term for non refrigerated food storage. 

    You hit the nail on the head when you said we must make a Paleo lifestyle routine in order to make it stick, This doesn’t happen by chance but through conscious decisions. Eating the right foods, exercise and good sleeping right have eo become habits to work. 

    Thanks for your very informative article Hamish  that concludes weight loss is not a matter of giving things up but being intelligent in our choices in what we do everyday. 

    All the best to you.


    • Thanks Edwin, I feel like a professor now marking a term paper in which you have demonstrated a clear understanding and ability to articulate the key points of the message I attempt to transmit on my Paleo pages LoL.

      Thanks for taking the time to provide such a comprehensive response I really appreciate it and please feel free to share wherever you might like.

      Thanks again


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