Hamish And Paleo

Highlander Hamish
Hi thanks for taking the time to visit my site I think that you are going to find this Blog really valuable, if you are interested in starting on your own Paleo journey.

If you are new to this subject then as well as the posts I have provided here I can strongly recommend a really great book to get you started. Paleo For Beginners, by John Chatham, will help you with the basics and really gives you the information to get started on the journey to becoming a paleo lifestyler.

About Hamish

I have had a varied and exciting life that has alternated between high periods of very physical activity interspersed with desk bound administrative responsibilities.

Over the years I have struggled with weight issues and I have not always made healthy choices when it comes to food intake. I was lucky enough to discover Paleo a few years ago when I was searching for a lifestyle that I could sustain rather than a diet that I could ‘fall off’.

A Paleo lifestyle has provided me access to a wide range of healthy foods, with plenty of protein choices, that never leaves me feeling hungry and which actually makes me feel healthy.

I sleep better, I am more alert my thinking is clearer and I feel generally better, while I also seem to enjoy my food more.

Along with regular exercise, I am now keeping my weight in check and living a better life in which I never feel as if I am on a diet.

Why Paleo Made Easy

One of the things that I found when I got started with Paleo is that there are an awful lot of different ideas, interpretations and ‘ways of approaching’ a Paleo Lifestyle. I found this confusing at the beginning and it took me some time to get an idea of the basics and actually get to the point where I could reap the benefits of what my research was telling me was a good direction, if only I could work out the most effective way to get started.

That’s why I have started Paleo Made Easy so that you don’t need to struggle as I did in making a healthy lifestyle change.

What You Will Find Here

Here at Paleo Made Easy I aim to get you started and help you maintain good choices by following an easy route to establishing Paleo as your lifestyle, not as your diet.

Here you will find the information to get started, a place to have your questions answered and the latest news and information on support for a Paleo lifestyle.






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